BEST Commercial Cleaning Service in the Charlotte, NC Area

Carolina Office Cleaning professionally cleans manufacturing facilities, businesses, offices, hospitals, car dealerships and other facilities in South Charlotte, N.C. as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, S.C. 

You want your business hospital clean. Everyone does now. Carolina Office Cleaning can deliver that level of cleanliness. 

Cleanliness is vital for all businesses to maintain efficiency, abide by health laws and boost employee morale.

Carolina Office Cleaning Services will provide safe, dependable, thorough cleaning of your business, allowing you to focus on your company’s primary mission. We know that things can get dirty quickly, and we have the trained, supervised employees who are determined to keep it clean and attractive.

We can provide experienced cleaners for various shifts, 24/7 if needed, thus assuring you of a sparkling workplace without interfering with your facility’s workflow. We use eco-friendly, germ-free cleaning products, effective cleaning tools and good old-fashioned elbow grease to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction. 

Commercial Cleaning in South Charlotte NC


Every business has unique needs and issues, so we welcome a chance to meet with you to discuss services that can be customized to your situation.

When considering the plan for cleaning a manufacturing site, for instance, we look at several factors, including:

  • Production areas, which undergo hard usage
  • Storage areas, where rodents and other animals can set up housekeeping in a clutter of boxes and supplies
  • Break rooms, offices, meeting rooms and other areas used by customers and employees
  • The outside, which can be an entry point for bacteria and unwanted animals, drawn to overgrown bushes and neglected Dumpsters

Our crews are professionals who take pride in cleaning floors, baseboards, windows, restrooms, machinery and other parts of a manufacturing facility. They are local residents who have been trained and equipped with the best cleaning tools.

A clean environment impresses your visitors, as well as makes your employees healthier and less likely to call in sick.

Carolina Office Cleaning Services has a wide range of services that will improve the appearance and safety of your workplace. They include expert care of any floor surface, carpet cleaning and sanitizing, polishing office furniture, cleaning bathrooms, break rooms and offices, descaling toilets, dusting blinds, and making sure that waste products and debris are disposed of in a proper manner.

Our attention to detail means we also look for ways to save you money. For example, we try to reduce landfill waste and direct unwanted material to recyclers.

A clean workplace means you’re is less likely to run afoul of government and industry regulations.

You also can see a decline in the number of work-related injuries, slip-and-falls and other accidents that seem to plague an unclean job site.

Industrial cleaning in Fort Mill, SC


Please call us for a free consultation. Our founder and owner, Steve Ferraria, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for the entire grounds maintenance on an Air Force base. He would welcome the challenge of cleaning your facility to your satisfaction.

Carolina Office Cleaning is based in Fort Mill, S.C. Our telephone number is 704.846.9219. Southern Office Cleaning is a veteran-owned business registered with the Better Business Bureau and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

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