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When an employee or patient tests positive for Covid-19, it is recommended to temporarily close. Carolina Office Cleaning is available to quickly open your facility again. Our professional team ensures fast response times and excellent care, equipped with the CDC best practices and industry technology to get your facility safely open again. 

We now offer disinfecting fogging as a value added service.  We use a non-toxic, CDC approved agent to kill viruses, bacteria and common germs.  Our process uses nature’s oldest disinfectant.  It is an ideal disinfectant as it is odorless, non-flammable, fast drying and environmentally friendly.  A custom program can be made to tailor your specific needs. 

We’re here to help you through the process of sanitizing and disinfecting your office. Carolina Office Cleaning is committed to the health and safety of our clients during this serious and unprecedented outbreak. We have provided advanced cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection services in the Charlotte region since 2002. As a highly experienced commercial cleaning company, we follow CDC guidelines to help your business keep employees and customers safe and protected.  We provide varying levels of service for both commercial and industrial facilities with tailored solutions to meet the needs of each client.

Post-Outbreak Disinfection Service For Offices in Charlotte NC

Since the recent health crisis, employees and customers expect a higher level of safety and cleanliness. The CDC has issued Reopening Guidance which emphasizes that disinfection is a crucial part of reopening public spaces and reducing the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other pathogens. This requires a carefully implemented, and maintained plan on an ongoing basis.  Put your trust in a fully trained and licensed team to implement a disinfection plan by partnering with Carolina Office Cleaning. 

Reopening an Office in Charlotte with Carolina Office Cleaning

Carolina Office Cleaning follows the disinfection recommendations from the CDC on their website.  Social distancing and daily hygiene habits are critical to reducing the risk of exposure to Covid-19. Key reopening guidelines include Disinfection Plan Development, Implementation and Maintenance.  These guidelines should be fully integrated into your facility’s full Public Health plan. 

CDC Resources for Charlotte NC Office

As the top choice in Charlotte Office Sanitizing and Disinfection services we follow the CDC guidelines and monitor updates. Follow these links to learn more detail of their recommendations.

CDC Guidelines and Resources for Specific Industries

CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Decision Tool

Additional Considerations for Employers

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